Veronika Šoltésová


mediworx software solutions, a.s.

"We started working with Zuzana in 2015 when I began to focus more intensively on the specific competencies, position and vision of HR in our company. Since all HR activities in our company are [...]

Andrej Blanárik


Sanding s.r.o.,

"Zuzana's professional coaching has helped me find my way around a complex business situation. I better understood my own values and prepared action plans on how to overcome the crisis [...]

Lesley Faehse

Director of the Darwin branch

Morgans Financial Australia

”I only had an opportunity to meet with Zuzana once, just before she left Australia. At the time I was having trouble coping with my workload. We had lost a key member of staff and I had found myself taking on a [...]

Jana Beleš Hurtová

Head of the Projects and IT Changes Unit

"I met Zuzana when she was working as an HR manager at NESS Technologies. She won me over with her professional yet perceptive, accommodating and proactive approach with which she was solving [...]

Patrik Nagy


Dane Tax, s.r.o.

”I received a recommendation to collaborate with Zuzana during a time when I was looking for new ways and solutions for my company. Our meetings helped me see things from a different perspective, as a result of [...]

Pavol Sokol


NESS Slovensko, a.s.

”What should one do if he is enjoying his work but the excessive responsibility and respect for results and the impact of one's work on his environment are causing stress and tension? One of the options is [...]

Lucia Štellerová

Business Director

Stell+ERP s. r. o.

"Zuzana has helped us discover the talent and strengths of all of our team members through the Talent Dynamics tool. Subsequently, she prepared a team profile and analysis for us which has [...]

Peter Voštinár


PEVONI Group, s.r.o.

”I met Zuzana at a time when I was in the process of changing my business model. During this time of change I needed to clarify a number of important things and find the right direction. My meetings with [...]

Robert Nürnberger

”Zuzana is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. She brings a rare combination of seasoned business executive and [...]

Tatiana Jurasová

Ticketportal SK, s.r.o.

”In 2014 I was dealing with a crisis management at an international company as a co-owner and I needed to look at the problems from a broader perspective and develop a good [...]

Andrea Hlavicova

Commercial Lawyer

Darwin, Australia

"Her coaching sessions with combination of the Talent Dynamics concept were extremely beneficial. From our first meeting Zuzana really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in [...]

Anna Grominová

HR Generalist

mediworx software solutions, a.s.

"Professionally, Zuzana is very experienced and she constantly adds to this experience with further studies and self-development. When it comes to our collaboration, I appreciate her promptness, [...]

Sonja Kopke - Moore

Perth, Australia

"I met with Zuzana at a very uncertain and transient time in my life. The myriad of possibilities floating around in my head was firmly establishing a cycle of stressful thinking that was [...]

Michelle Barry

Hong Kong

"I was in contact with Zuzana at a point in my life where I was unsure where my next location or job role would be so was a good opportunity to reassess my priorities and what I loved as a [...]

Marina Bajić

Belgrade / Serbia

”Having worked for the same company for 32 years in various roles, I felt that I've reached the pinnacle of my career. However, this fulfillment lasted briefly as I realised that I reached a dead end! This dissatisfaction [...]