Ascend to change in your personal and professional life, discover your talents and strengths, land your dream job. Together we will define your values and inner motivation which will help you succeed.

I will help you to:

  • find your dream job
  • make the decision to change a job that no longer fulfills you
  • prepare for and manage possible risks
  • create your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to attract attention
  • prepare for a job interview
  • build your self-esteem
  • make tough decisions and handle dilemmas
  • overcome your fear of failure
  • overcome obstacles
  • find work-life balance

The result of our collaboration will be a strategy and a set of concrete steps to help you find your ideal career path, in which you will be successful and which will bring you joy.

How I work:

1. FREE introductory consultation designed to identify the client's needs and possible solutions

2. Exploration and identification of talent, potential, strengths and weaknesses of the client using a development tool Talent Dynamics

3. Identification of the client's needs in collaboration with the client and formation of recommendations

4. Implementation of consultancy and coaching sessions - their number and length depend on the client's needs

5. Evaluation of achievements/goals

Read more about the Talent Dynamics development tool and coaching, which I use when working with my clients. If you are interested to learn more feel free to contact me.


what you are naturally good at, what your flow is


of what you truly want in your career


how to get from where you are now to where you want to be