Ascend to change in leading your team, discover your talent as well as the talents of your individual team members. Together we will uncover their strengths which will help us reveal the values which they bring to the team. Accordingly, we will create the space for a deeper cooperation and trust.

I will help you to:

  • Build a successful corporate strategy
  • Make the right managerial decisions
  • Learn how to solve conflicts
  • Meet demanding objectives set by your business plan
  • Improve your productivity and effectiveness
  • Be convincing and self-assured
  • Develop your team based on the members' individual strengths
  • Clarify and define a team vision, strategy and tasks of each team member
  • Solve an ongoing conflict
  • Improve communication, motivation and trust in your team
  • Teach your team to take responsibility for their actions.

The result of our collaboration will be the increased productivity of you and your team, development of new skills and sustainability of the success you have been building.

How I work:

1. FREE introductory consultation designed to identify the client's needs and possible solutions

2. Exploration and identification of talent, potential, managerial strengths and weaknesses or alternatively the strengths and weaknesses of team members using a development tool Talent Dynamics and other complementary tools such as Facet5, 360° review, assessment and development center method according to the specific needs.

3. Analysis of the managerial needs and the needs of the team based on the results from the previous diagnostics.

4. Formation of recommendations and realisation of tailor-made programme (consultations, coaching and workshops). The number and the length of sessions depend on the needs of manager or team.

5. Evaluation of achieved goals.

Read more about the Talent Dynamics development tool, the Facet5 platform, the 360° review, the method of Assessment and Development Centre, about coaching for individuals and coaching for teams, which I use when working with clients. If you are interested to learn more feel free to contact me.


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