Coaching for teams

As a coach I use Solution Focused Coaching approach. This method builds on the latest findings in regards to the functionality of the human brain, helps release individuals' potential and has a transformative effect on the psychology of individuals and teams.

It is aimed at finding a solution instead of looking for a problem; it is built on strengths rather than weaknesses and prefers searching for the way out instead of thinking about the obstacles.

The Coaching Process for Teams:

1. Establishing a clear goal for our collaboration. This can be either determined by a team leader beforehand or it can be established together with the team directly during the first coaching session.

2. During the first day, the team creates their own rules of the game, such as the rules for conflict resolution, decision making approach, etc.

3. One team coaching session takes 0,5 - 1 day depending on the type of a goal and the difficulty of achieving the set goal In order to form new habits and discover how different team members fulfill their action plan, it is recommended to do at least 2 -3 consecutive coaching sessions

4. Evaluation - meeting with the team leader to evaluate the achievements of the team