Entrepreneurs and family owned companies

Ascend to change in your entrepreneurial efforts, or as an owner of an already established firm. I will help you discover and understand which strategies you should follow to achieve and maintain success of your business.

I will help you to:

  • discover your own business strategy which will help you achieve success
  • expand your business activities
  • increase your market share
  • make an important business decision
  • resolve a critical situation
  • implement necessary changes in your family business
  • improve communication, motivation and trust in your family team

The result of our collaboration will be the discovery of a suitable business strategy for your established company or your start-up, the planning of individual steps on which to focus or finding new solutions which you might have not been able to see from your current perspective.

How I work:

1. FREE introductory consultation designed to identify the client's needs and possible solutions

2. Exploration and identification of the strategy which should be followed to develop the client's natural entrepreneurial talent and achieve business success (through Wealth Dynamics development tool).

3. Identification of the client's key goals in collaboration with him/ her.

4. Formation of recommendations and realisation of tailor-made programme (consultations, coaching and workshops). The number and the length of sessions depend on the needs of the client.

5. The evaluation of achieved goals.

Read more about the Wealth Dynamics and coaching, which I use when working with my clients. If you are interested to learn more feel free to contact me.


unique to your business


that will shape your success


and watch your company development