Why me

17 years at middle and top management positions in human resources, coaching, development of teams as well as individuals. Experience which helped me understand clients from corporate environment and comprehend corporate diversity.

10 years living abroad in multicultural environment. A solid base to meet new people and new cultures. Right there I understood how different we are. This experience has helped me accept these differences and taught me how to work with them. It also enabled me to use other languages at work: English and Serbian.

I was starting as an internal coach in 2010. After leaving the corporate environment in 2013, I decided to change my career path. I became a consultant and a coach. I focused on what I wanted and knew how to do - help people in their development, support them in looking for what is important in their professional and private life.

My portfolio ranges from corporate companies, family owned business, entrepreneurs and individuals. Whether you want your business to grow or you are looking for a growth within your business, my experience, passion and determination will help you!

The most inspirational training in my professional career

The Art and Science of Coaching from Erickson College in Vancouver - a solution-focused coaching training programme. It taught me that we all have an inner strength, motivation and potential to achieve our vision.

One of the most successful stories in my career

In 2012 one of my clients decided to leave the corporate environment and start his own business. The beginnings were accompanied by concerns about employing someone and a fear of not being able to pay their salary in the long term. With the help of my professional support he overcame the fears and subsequently employed not one but several employees. Today he runs a successful business with clients from across three continents. The question is - what would have happened had he not managed to conquer his fear?

The most powerful moment from meeting with a client

Spontaneous hug from a client in the very moment when she realized what changes she needed to make in her career and her life. It does not happen very often that clients express their reactions that spontaneously. But such moments are THE moments for us consultants and coaches. Because we are only human and situations which we are discussing with our clients often reflect the ones, whether past or present, from our own professional or private lives.