Coaching for individuals

As a coach I use Solution Focused Coaching approach. This method builds on the latest findings in regards to the functionality of the human brain, helps release individuals' potential and has a transformative effect on the psychology of individuals and teams.

It is aimed at finding a solution instead of looking for a problem; it is built on strengths rather than weaknesses and prefers searching for the way out instead of thinking about the obstacles.

The Coaching Process for Individuals:

1. Initial meeting to assess whether our partnership is a good choice and whether we work well together

2. Establishing clear goals that the client wants to achieve and defining success criteria of our collaboration. Three way coaching session is attended by: the sponsor (for example the superior) - the client - the coach

3. Individual coaching sessions, which number and length depend on the definition of specific goals. Sometimes, one or two sessions can be sufficient, however, for greater and more long-term goals, the frequency of sessions is 2-3 times per month for duration of 6 months. One session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes

4. Evaluation - the meeting is once again attended by three people so that the client can evaluate his/ her achievements and the superior can provide feedback.