What is Talent Dynamics?

Created by Roger James Hamilton, Talent Dynamics is a unique profiling system to access your natural Flow. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated, then it's a fairly good indicator you are out of Flow.

The Talent Dynamics profile test is a tool which assesses your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour, to determine what your path of least resistance is.

Knowing your value means you can concentrate on your strengths and allow others to use their strengths to support you in areas you aren't so keen on.

The Talent Dynamics profile provides you with a guide to help you on your path by identifying strategies and steps to focus on. It will give you insights and clarity on yourself and your interaction with others.

What will I discover in my Profile Report?

  • Your Unique Profile This shows you the most natural activities you should focus on to stay in flow.
  • Role Models Who Share Your Profile Which famous role models you should study and learn from.
  • Your Strengths & Weaknesses What gets you into your flow. What are distractions and what are opportunities.
  • How to Create Value using Your Profile How to channel your strengths and leverage your talents to achieve more with less.
  • Your unique style Discover your unique style of communication and leadership that works best for you.