Pavol Sokol

Business Development Manager / NESS Slovensko, a.s.

"What should one do if he is enjoying his work but the excessive responsibility and respect for results and the impact of one's work on his environment are causing stress and tension? One of the options is to change the job; alternatively you can seek professional help.

In this case it was the coaching of Zuzana who specialises on this exact area of working with people. In my case even the few initial personal meetings helped me to partially eliminate the stress and tension I was experiencing at work. The questions targeted at uncovering the causes, redirecting the thoughts and focusing in the right direction are the things that helped me partly take a grip over the problem but undoubtedly gave me a chance to see the situation from much wider perspective.

Zuzana's expertise and experience, her caring and friendly attitude and her impartial perspective of a coach have helped me move forward, see the bigger picture and rather than seeking excessive respect inspired me to take on new challenges."