Lucia Štellerová

Business Director / STELL+ERP, sr.o.

"Zuzana has helped us discover the talent and strengths of all of our team members through the Talent Dynamics tool. Subsequently, she prepared a team profile and analysis for us which has helped us understand the specific values each of us brings to the team also the preferred communication styles. This knowledge has helped us immensely in improving our efficiency of working as a team.

Zuzana's attitude is very professional and simultaneously friendly, so we all felt naturally relaxed. It was an amazing experience and at the same time one that was beneficial to the whole team.

Zuzana prepared a tailor-made coaching programme for me that helped me in self-development. I was pleasantly surprised how easily I was able to work my way through to the solutions which have helped me to move forward.

I am always happy to recommend collaborating with Zuzana, whether it is regarding business or team matters. Her attitude and broad experience in consulting, coaching and business provide her with a unique position to help those who want to personally develop."