Patrik Nagy

CEO / Dane Tax, s.r.o.

"I received a recommendation to collaborate with Zuzana during a time when I was looking for new ways and solutions for my company. Our meetings helped me see things from a different perspective, as a result of which I was able to set a new system of working with my clients and optimised the structure of the firm. I realised that even after the first couple of meetings and subsequently taken steps, my company is working more efficiently. I am also learning that when I am working with Zuzana on personal development, I am able to achieve results much faster

Zuzana knows how to listen patiently quickly understands where the change is needed and thanks to her strong goal-orientation is able to support a client in a way through which the results are achieved in the shortest time possible.

I would recommend the collaboration with Zuzana to those entrepreneurs and business owners who are considering pursuing a new strategy, direction or those who need to make a change."