Marina Bajic

Belgrade, Serbia

Having worked for the same company for 32 years in various roles, I felt that I've reached the pinnacle of my career. However, this fulfilment lasted briefly as I realised that I reached a dead end! This dissatisfaction reflected negatively on other aspects of my personal life. Unsure about the next step, I asked Zuzana for help.

Zuzana helped me find answers to many questions. She prompted me to think outside the box and to look for new ideas and solutions to something that I haven't questioned before. In this process, which is based on asking rather than telling, Zuzana enabled me to broaden my thinking, and set my goals and priorities.

I resigned and turned my attention to my family; together we developed a plan for the future. I started doing things that I'm passionate about, and started enjoying my life again.

I would highly recommend Zuzana to anyone who wants to improve her/his professional or personal life, and unlock her/his full potential. If you are at a crossroad or a dead end of your career, like I was, you would greatly benefit from Zuzana's coaching. She'll help you raise your self awareness and achieve your goals.