Veronika Šoltésová

CFO / mediworx software solutions, a.s.

"We started working with Zuzana in 2015 when I began to focus more intensively on the specific competencies, position and vision of HR in our company. Since all HR activities in our company are covered by one generalist without the support of an internal HR manager, and at the same time HR falls under a more comprehensive agenda of the finance department, I felt the need to develop the position of the generalist and the general HR as such, but also to ensure the personal development and growth of the particular colleague who is covering the position.

I introduced Zuzana to specific problems and areas we were tackling at that moment and together we agreed on goals for the next period. During the counseling and coaching hours, both Zuzana and my colleague had my full confidence and at the same time they were free to choose the issues that they were solving then.
In cooperation with Zuzana, we have found certainty in linking the theoretical knowledge, the development of current trends and, in particular, the experience from same sector in which also our company operates. And all this packaged into a reliable and very pleasant human approach."