Tatiana Jurasova

Ticketportal SK, s.r.o.

"In 2014 I was dealing with a crisis management at an international company as a co-owner and I needed to look at the problems from a broader perspective and develop a good judgement. Mrs. Zuzana helped me see things from a different angle which led me to take steps which have proven to be the only right ones. She has helped me to find a new direction in decision making and managing of my business which has in turn enabled me to maximise activities during this time and thus stabilized the situation within the company. This had a very positive impact on our economic growth in the following period.

As a right coach, she has helped me to find a solution that I subconsciously knew was right, but was too afraid to put into action. Not until my sessions with Mrs. Zuzana was able to find this new direction and courage to implement changes. I recommend Zuzana to everyone who feels like they cannot find a solution and need a change of direction."